Retailer Benefits

Increase Sales and Revenue with Engaged & Targeted Groups

Your employees can get discounts and bespoke offers from various national and local retailers and service providers. These discounts can be in various forms including

Promote to Large Customer Bases

The Employee Benefits and Consumer Loyalty Programs have millions of users from various user groups. We can promote your products and services to a wide variety of audience, both online and offline.


Closed User Groups

Promotions to “closed user groups” and engaged audience on our platform can increase your revenues and sales and improve your brand usage and recognition. We already have a track record of promoting and working with more than 7000 brands in the UK, India and world-wide.


Targeted Marketing

Depending on your preferences, we can target promotions to various demographics and user preferences. We have email and other usage data of our customers and engage in ethical, permission based marketing online and offline.


Marketing Methods

Our user groups get emails and other marketing communications based on the preferences and permission levels chosen by the user themselves and their organisations.

We offer various solutions including

Solus emails

Targetted banners

Bespoke Promotions

Newsletter slots

Site-wide promotions

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