Corporate Social Responsibility

Complete Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Inclusive growth, Rural development, Agricultural sustainability, poverty alleviation and digital equality are amongst the top most priorities of Central and State Governments alike in India and also most of the developing countries . On the one hand a lot of funds are available from various sources , yet due to lack of a scalable , robust, versatile and field proven solution suitable for India ,technology based direct to beneficiary ( D2B ) schemes are literally non existent.

Perks4 has designed a robust and flexible solution which can be deployed at a variety of CSR situations . The companies can not only meet with relevant statutory requirements , but also leverage the funds for maximum brand enhancements in the targeted markets . Thus the well designed solution meets with the twin objective of social and corporate objectives .What is more it is so advanced that you just have to sit at the dash board how every rupee is spent and who are the beneficiaries by name and other coordinates.

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